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VRF Ac Dealers in Madurai

VRF V PLUS 100 % INVERTER 100% CAPACITY AT 43° C. NON-STOP COOLING EVEN AT 56° C. VRF V Plus is specially designed for tropical climatic conditions. It can deliver 100% capacity at 43 deg. C ambient temperature which is very unique to Blue Star VRF V Plus system. It can work non-stop even at 56 deg. C ambient temperature. Wide Range of outdoor units: 7HP to 112HP Over 75 models of indoor units to choose from Sophisticated Controllers


  • Highly efficient inverter compressors
  • Specially designed Outdoor units for higher ambient conditions
  • High system efficiency. IPLV more than 7
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Innovative refrigerant-cooled heat sink for PCB cooling
  • AHU Control Kits for Special Air conditioning applications
  • Long and flexible range of piping design for enhanced building aesthetics
  • Wide range of outdoor and indoor units
  • Sophisticated Controllers

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